Amazing in a Can

No it’s not. Canned = perfect crap. Don’t ever state that something in a can has the potential to even come near a level higher than shit. Unless it’s canned shit, in which case it’s probably at least less disgusting. I’m talking about the Amazing Batter Blaster.

Yea.. I know; Pancakes in a can, that they dare to label as organic. Who the hell defined organic so loosely that something in an aerosol can can be even put next to organic products, let alone be labeled as such.


As a person who values food and words, I find this kind of thing worse than blasphemy. Clearly, the USDA is high on acid. Or high on acid-laced piles of cash. So here’s the regulatory text. It has a special sections on which non-organic and synthetic materials may be used in foods labeled as Organic. So the next time you see that organic baby food, know that it’s allowed to be laced with all kinds of chemicals, like chemical depilatories (hair remover). Awesome.

Well I’m off to find some organic aerosolized pancake batter.


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