Pizza Gift

Imagine hearing a knock on the door, opening it up and seeing the pizza guy. With a pizza. Pretty spectacular, right? Well it is, because you didn’t order pizza, but you were craving some and as if by magic you actually got what you wished for.

I was in a long distance relationship a long while ago talking to my then-girlfriend on MSN and she was feeling down and depressed. Now I knew this particular woman loved Crazy Bread from Little Caesars Pizza. She was in Ottawa and I was in Peterborough and I wanted to surprise her with Crazy Bread. So I phoned Little Caesars and explained my intentions and situation.

“Sorry, we can’t do that.” Apparently they need the card holder to sign the receipt for the driver. It’s some kind of rule, which I can totally understand; my signature on the merchant’s copy means I will have a very hard time disputing the bill. It’s a mini contract!

I went on Amazon and ordered a book, delivered to my dad over 3000 Km away. I didn’t sign anything. I can order flowers for somebody in a different country! But I can’t send a lover some pizza.

So I know there is some way for me to use my credit card to get a product delivered to an address that is not mine. I do it all the time: everything needs to get delivered to my work address instead of my home address because *SURPRISE* I’m at work during the day.

So the point of this story is this: I want to be able to get on the phone (Or Internet) and order a pizza for a long-distance friend. The first pizza chain to let me do this wins 100 points.

I even have an idea for the TV commercial: Close up view of instant chat window. Some sort of despair is expressed (lonely, tired, hungry, depressed, sad…) and the phone gets picked up. You hear the guy order a pizza and specify some mushy little sentiment note. Camera cuts to the girlfriend’s IM screen, and the doorbell rings. Girl gets up to answer the door and is totally floored by the surprise pizza delivery. Free of charge, her boyfriend even tipped the driver.

Ladies, how friggin’ sweet would that be?


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