Why “Military” Time

My day has 24 hours in it. Many people ask me why I insist on using “military” time instead of just saying “nine o’clock” to ambiguously refer to some time “in context”. My main reason is because “nine o’clock” in our weird slang way of referencing time happens twice every day. Sure, we have AM/PM, but most people use that when the context already gives it away instead of when there is a potential for ambiguity. So I use “military” time just so that there is absolutely zero chance for misinterpretation. And the other reasons follow…

Everybody uses 24 hour time except the USA, Canada (except Quebec) and Australia. Newsflash – you’re the weird ones; I’m following the international standard! Actually ISO 8601 to be precise. Go ahead and read that one. It’s why I also always interpret dates as year/month/day. It’s the way everybody in the world does it, save for a couple countries that just like to be difficult.

I guess I also use “military” dates – do you say “one hundred, three and nine” to mean 193? Of course not, so why do people do that with dates? Year/day/month, or month/day/year or day/month/year… that’s all screwed up! Year is bigger than month, which is bigger than day. Just like hundred is bigger than ten, which is bigger than one. This is logic, and the reason it is international standard.

Why do people do that? 12:00 is NOT midnight. It is always daylight at 11:00. Stop being so confusing.

So that’s why I use normal time. And really, 24 isn’t an enourmous number. Everybody should be able to count that high. At least the French can count up to 69 (it then goes sixty-ten, sixty-eleven…)

See you at Zero-Seven-One-Five!


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