High Beaming

This is for those who live in Alberta and drive after sunset: Lay off the fucking high beams.

Seriously, this is the worst province for zombie drivers. I come from Ontario highways, where maybe 1 in 200 drivers would forget that their high beams were still on as they approached other vehicles. But at least you only had to quickly flash your highs and they would instantly clue in.

Alberta… Holy shit. I counted the other day – get this – 58 out of 93 drivers needed to be reminded. And of those, 12 needed multiple flashes. And still most impressive: one driver couldn’t fucking find out how to turn the high beams off. I just turned mine on and left them on. Fuck you, asswipe. I’d like to start carrying bricks to toss out the window into opposing traffic for every idiot driver who can’t be bothered to not blind me and every other vehicle they encounter. At least that would wake the sleeping idiots up, which is far less dangerous than sleep-driving.

I just close one eye and drive without depth perception when these high-beaming retards drive by. I heard on the radio that Alberta has the worst drivers in the country, measured in per-capita automotive related incidents. I’d like to know how much worse they are compared to other provinces. It’s probably at least an order of magnitude greater than the next most dangerous province.

Clean air, infinite blue skies, sleeping drivers. Almost perfect…


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