Price Discrepancies

I love the Internet. I’ve been using it since before Google and it just keeps getting better! I use it for everything I do, and even seek to use it more. One of the best parts about the Internet is shopping. It’s like regular shopping in a mall, but with all the vendors sitting in front of you at a table offering their wares and you don’t have to bargain hunt or shop around because the best price is right there in front of you! And of course, international shopping.

I recently bought a pen from France. Why France? Because Waterman doesn’t offer that product line in North America, let alone Canada. And just now I bought a music CD (Moving On by Myleene Klass) from Amazon UK. Before I dive into this diatribe I’d like to note Amazon’s cultural acknowledgment; The Canadian site will “Ship to this address”, the UK site will “Dispatch to this address” (how cute!), and the American one will “Drops mah shit off hear plz”. Now on to the rant.

Amazon Canada has the album, Amazon Amerikuh haz teh albem and the lowest price I can get is from the same damn company across the Atlantic… about seven thousand kilometers (4,300 stat. miles, 3,800 nautical miles) away. WTF?Here’s a fancy table to compare prices, which have all been converted to Canadian beaver skins (our national currency, FYI)…



Shipping + Tax


Canada $33.95 $6.86 $40.81
United Kingdom $8.23 $5.07 $13.30
America $36.24 $18.17 $54.41

Another giant piss-off here; Canada and USA supposedly have a “North American Free Trade Agreement”, which obviously means “about as free as Iranian diplomacy”. Free trade my ass, USA is even more expensive than shipping from Toronto! And it’s closer! I wonder if our politicians ever even read the title page: “North American Fuck Canada Agreement”.

What I want to know is; how is it that shipping overseas is cheaper than the local post office?

I guess it’s a bit premature to go on a diatribe; I haven’t taken ownership of the CD yet… Maybe it won’t ever arrive, the funds being funneled into buying more equipment to spy on UK citizens terrorists. Or maybe it’s so cheap because it comes with a camera… Lower prices if you agree to surveillance, for “your own protection”. I can’t wait!


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