Synology Folder Compression

I had a desire to enable compression after the fact on some shares. Synology (As of DSM 6.0) doesn’t have the facility to modify the compression settings of a folder after the initial creation – and perusing the forum, it seems you can’t enable compression at all on the /homes location.

Much discussion orbits the topic of chattr, how it isn’t installed and how to go about installing it. I have a way to do it without installing anything! btrfs-progs is already installed 😀

SSH into the device, and issue the command (as root)

btrfs property set /volume1/homes compression lzo

The btrfs command gives you plenty of other options to explore – perhaps best as a non-root user. Now to find a built-in for disabling Copy of Write.


Cisco Split DNS On a Router

I have this problem. My WAN sites get IP addresses from the DHCP server in the datacenter. DHCP says the DNS servers are the local corporate DNS servers (also in the DC). So what happens when the tunnel from the WAN site to the DC goes down?

Users can’t even surf facebook. Oh the horror. But really, users shouldn’t have their Internet access cut off just because the DC lost power or was sacrificed to a volcano god. Especially since we use hosted services. Email should always work, even if head office is down!

What we need is for DNS requests for myspace and reddit to go to the regular public DNS server, and requests for theservers.localdomain.lan to go to the corporate DNS servers.

Turns out there’s-an-app-for-that using dns-views within the router…

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GNU Screen and Xmodem!

How many terms are incompatible with Google? screen (the gnu screen program) is one of them unfortunately.

How often have you found yourself needing to upload an IOS to a dead router or switch? And how often do you have to do this on a Linux or Mac based machine?

Well, here is how to use sx from the lrzsz package and gnu screen. Firstly, connect your console to screen with a command like so:

screen /dev/tty.usbserial 115200

Then begin your xmodem transfer and follow up with some fancy screen commanding

^a :exec !! sx -kb Downloads/newfirmware.bin

That is control-a and then type, without the quotes, “:exec !! sx -kb path/to/firmware.bin”

Genius! Unfortunately, sx doesn’t really come stock with my particular flavor of OS so some package manager digging was in order.

SSH Tunnels

I wish somebody told me 5 years ago that I could make an Microsoft Remote Desktop connection from a MacBook at home to the Windows Server at the office without the VPN client software and all the limitations of the implementation used. See, I’m a network geek, I need to get data from point A to point B, I need to do it quickly and reliably. And of course without spending any money.


I use this command:

$ ssh -C -R 2210:localhost:22 -p 222 -i .ssh/

Price Discrepancies

I love the Internet. I’ve been using it since before Google and it just keeps getting better! I use it for everything I do, and even seek to use it more. One of the best parts about the Internet is shopping. It’s like regular shopping in a mall, but with all the vendors sitting in front of you at a table offering their wares and you don’t have to bargain hunt or shop around because the best price is right there in front of you! And of course, international shopping.

I recently bought a pen from France. Why France? Because Waterman doesn’t offer that product line in North America, let alone Canada. And just now I bought a music CD (Moving On by Myleene Klass) from Amazon UK. Before I dive into this diatribe I’d like to note Amazon’s cultural acknowledgment; The Canadian site will “Ship to this address”, the UK site will “Dispatch to this address” (how cute!), and the American one will “Drops mah shit off hear plz”. Now on to the rant.

Amazon Canada has the album, Amazon Amerikuh haz teh albem and the lowest price I can get is from the same damn company across the Atlantic… about seven thousand kilometers (4,300 stat. miles, 3,800 nautical miles) away. WTF? Continue reading

50 Banned Books I Should Read

I have read some of these and they are quite simply some of the better pieces of literature out there. Can’t wait to read the rest! And now with the article.

As long as there have been books, there have been people opposed to what is said in some of those books. Authors who challenge the accepted norms in their literature are often the target of angry people who do not understand or appreciate their literature. The following books are excellent examples of great literature that has become banned or challenged in an attempt to shield the public from what some see as inappropriate.

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