SSH Tunnels

I wish somebody told me 5 years ago that I could make an Microsoft Remote Desktop connection from a MacBook at home to the Windows Server at the office without the VPN client software and all the limitations of the implementation used. See, I’m a network geek, I need to get data from point A to point B, I need to do it quickly and reliably. And of course without spending any money.


I use this command:

$ ssh -C -R 2210:localhost:22 -p 222 -i .ssh/

Hacking Securom with UNIX

I found myself in a situation: Securom error 1000. Or, “we don’t like you because you don’t fit our corporate model of the ideal consumer.”

Disclaimer: This is a lesson in overcoming corrupt read-only media.

I wanted to install a piece of software that didn’t like my particular set of software installed. More specifically, I was having trouble installing Oblivion GOTY because the Securom protection doesn’t like that I run Windows virtually within OSX with Parallels. Or maybe it’s the disc emulator software installation. However the case, this post is how I circumvented that difficulty using UNIX WIZARDRY and a patched setup file. Users win every time.

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